Friday, March 13, 2009

My extra-special ME weekend!!

This weekend, Larry, Kathryn, and Luke are all going to Larry's mom's in Oklahoma. I can't go because I have a major meeting on Monday; so I'm totally going to miss seeing my sweet mother-in-law. She is one of the most precious people in my whole life, and I enjoy spending time with her. Much can also be said about my favorite foods that she always cooks for me.....

She recently underwent major radiation therapy for skin cancer, and although we don't have the "results" yet, we are believing God for complete healing.

So my free weekend at home is costing me: 1) time with my Mom Dalke 2) bonding time with my Kathryn 2) and lots of good food. I guess I could include time with Larry and Luke - - but I certainly get lots of time with them. :)

Although it's obvious I wish I could be with my family over the next few days - - I am incredibly excited about a weekend to do WHATEVER I want!! I don't even think I'll make the bed for the next four days. I plan on reading at least two books and running at least 5 miles (not all at once). I will also be making a trip to the nursery on Saturday morning (if it isn't raining) to pick out my flowers for the flowerbeds in the front yard. Another priority this weekend is catching up on my Grey's Anatomy and renting a few movies that Larry can live without watching e.g. anything with romance and cheesy soundtracks.
And of utmost importance this weekend, I am going to dive into a chapter of the bible that I have been excited to study for a few weeks now. I'll update you all on what treasures I find!
I also can't wait to eat the Cadbury Creme Eggs that I just bought! Not that I can't eat those when Larry is around......but how wonderfully comforting and relaxing to watch Grey's Anatomy, drink a homemade latte and eat junk food? I also have Girl Scout cookies (Thin favorite) that I can drag out of the pantry, too. What fun!
If Larry were home, his "list" consist of more "fix-er-up" things. He would be so productive; his agenda would probably include things like changing the light-bulbs on a couple of lamps that need it; re-wiring the kitchen lighting; or painting over a couple of "scuffs" on the wall in the hallway. I, on the other hand, will enjoy the freedom of not doing a darned thing.
He'll be so proud when he comes home to find that the dishwasher hasn't even been unloaded (because, come on, like I'm going to actually USE dishes?? I'm going to be eating fast food all weekend for goodness sake!!).
I feel at this point I must defend myself - I'm not a lazy housekeeper (well, sometimes) - but I don't ENJOY it. That's why it's going to be put on the backburner this weekend. AND, the good thing, is that the house-cleaning lady comes on Wednesday.

Gotta go. Until next time......I'll be eating Cadbury Creme Eggs!!!

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