Thursday, July 2, 2009


Wow I cannot believe it is already July! We have such a busy summer that I'm sure it will be Christmas before I can take a breath. Maybe I exaggerate just a bit.

We have Kathryn with us until early August, and she will be staying with Luke during the day for all of July. This has worked out so well because (1) Luke adores his big sister and doesn't want her out of his sight and (2) for the last few weeks he has become very frustrated with going to Miss Dorothy's everyday. Dorothy has been absolutely a wonderful blessing to our family over the last three years, but it's almost like he's bored over there.
Anyway, Kathryn needed a job so there you have it. She is the official Luke-sitter.

Larry, Kathryn, and I are all going to UM Army (a Methodist Habitat-for-Humanity-type program)the week of July 12. Kathryn is none too excited to give up her cell phone and spend the entire week with virtual strangers, but I have faith that once she is there - she'll have a ball. Larry and I went together two years ago, and although we had no idea what we were getting into - we LOVED it.
I am praying that Kathryn's relationship with the Lord would just blossom during this week......and that the experience would light a fire in her heart for Jesus.

I will be going to a writer's conference at the end of July. This is something I am both excited and nervous about. It will be my first one ever, and I'm not quite sure what to expect. But I do know that God put this conference on my calendar - so it will be a great opportunity to meet other aspiring authors, make new friends, and grow as a writer.

To add to the random-ness of this post, I have to mention our favorite tv shows this summer. I am such a sucker for the Bachelor/Bachelorette, and I'm getting frustrated with Jillian because she can't see that Wes is a loser. You are obviously lost if you don't watch the show, but trust me. Wes needs to go.
We've also been watching America's Got Talent. A co-worker of mine, Sarah Golden, auditioned in Houston and actually made it to the semi-finals in Las Vegas. I got to go to the taping (and sit on the second row catty-corner to the judges!!) so we have to watch to see Sarah....and of course, to see if I made my national television debut.
Kathryn went the day after I did (they had multiple tapings), and she was on tv last night! There was a pretty good shot of her near the beginning of the show last night.

Our Fourth of July should be relatively un-eventful. Kathryn will be going to her mom's for the weekend, Larry is playing in a golf tournament tomorrow, and Luke and I will swim, hang out, and possibly shop. Although I'm positive Larry will be utterly disappointed if he misses a shopping trip. That's what he gets for golfing. :)

I'm assuming you all have had enough rambling from me. So that's all I have.

Love -
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