Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wake up little Amy - it's NOT about you!

So I picked up Louis Giglio’s I Am Not, but I Know I AM at the airport a couple of weeks ago. I have been a Louis fan since my Passion days in college. I chose this particular book because I thought my in-flight reading may be more productive if I fed my mind with God-things instead of reading my People magazines or the latest from Danielle Steel.

Little did I know…

Oh my word! This book was awesome.

“The story already has a star, and the star is not you or me.” -page 13

What a blow to my ego! And my ego so needed to be blown.

I realized that for the past YEAR (or more, if I’m being generous), I have not allowed myself to look outside of me and my own little world. Sure, I know God is God, and I know He is much bigger than creation and so on and so forth. BUT, do I live like I truly believe this?

By the second page, I was already humbled by the reality of God’s MUCH-BIGNESS. My eyes were opened to my own MEGA-small-ness.

I will never comprehend the true greatness of our God until I sit with Him in heaven, but Mr. Giglio’s words shot straight to my heart by reminding this poor soul that it’s not all about me.

This amazing God created galaxies that are light years away……and yet I dare to doubt that He can handle my tiny issues. The shame! And yet, He knows these issues are right in front of my face and He cares!! Oh how He cares!

There are no words for the impact this book has had on my perspective. The most I can utter is “….whoa!” I’m NOT the star of this show….nor will I ever be. So why do I try so hard to gain attention? Why am I so bent on being the #1 all the time?
Hello, Amy! Humble yourself before the Mighty God….the One and Only King of kings who created things your eyes cannot even see!!

I’m just saying….

If you need a dramatic change in your perspective, you ought to pick up this book. I pray that it will knock you off your feet like it knocked me off my high horse!

And all I can say is…..”….whoa!”
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Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing the book... I think I might just add it to my pile-o-books-to-read!! ;)

Jill said...

Great words Amy! The book is on my list to read, but haven't made it there yet, perhaps in the night once the baby comes! How true it's not about me!! Thanks for sharing! I pray all is well, I've revisited my She Speaks notes and experience quite often lately - wow, what a wonderful time. Blessings, Jill

Jennifer said...

I tried to reply to your comment on my blog, but couldn't... so I sent you an email. I saw an email address on your facebook widget... not sure if that is one you get often or not, so I just wanted to let you know. I have an idea for you!! ;)

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Sounds great! I think we always need a shot of perspective every now and again. I know I DO!!