Monday, September 14, 2009

What do Diet Coke, Classic Rock and a Swimming Toddler Have in Common?

I am sitting in the backyard on this fine Monday evening in Houston, Texas. My sweet Luke is swimming (asking me every 30 seconds for a band-aid....because apparently it's urgent). Yes, sure it is. But regardless, he will ask obsessively until something else captures his attention.

Larry is lounging on a chair playing Word Warp on my iPhone. This game is our new addiction, but I don't fear that he'll beat my high score so I let him play to his heart's content.

And I, on this bearable summer evening in Houston, am enjoying the calm atmosphere. Even our dog, Ranger, is not hyperactive. How I needed this night! It seems that for the past nine months, I have been in a tizzy over one thing or another (just a hint: my personality is totally Type-A-Obsessive Compulsive-must-always-be-panicked-over-something). From writing conferences to drama at my office to Scentsy parties to birthday parties and church mission outreaches, I have not slowed down. Peace has been like a pipe dream since the clock rolled to January 1, 2009.

So tonight, I don't want to run this quiet family time with many bloggy words. From now until Luke's head hits the pillow 8:30 (ish), my plan is to drink Diet Coke, give my husband helpful hints for Word Warp (yes, p-a-l-l-i-d is a word), and listen to classic rock on the radio. Classic rock is so not my choice, but in order to keep the unselfish atmosphere going, I'll endure.

And just in case you're worried, Jesus and I are dealing with this peace-thing. He is the Prince of since He loves me so much - He's constantly working on me. :)
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Jennifer said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful and peaceful evening! Enjoy every moment of it. From one Type A to another... I get it... HE is working on me too!

Rachel Olsen said...

OK, Amy, sounds like I need to buy that Daily Message book then!

Off to order a Skinny Vanilla Latte ...

Smiles ~ Rachel

Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by! Good luck with the rolls!

Like I said before: If I can do it, anyone can.