Saturday, February 28, 2009

The TRUTH will set you FREE

The truth will set you free. We've all heard that verse, "If you hold to My teaching, then you truly are my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." (John 8:31-32 NIV)

But from what is the truth setting us free? All of you know that I am a Beth Moore fan (simply because she oozes love for Jesus). In her book, Praying God's Word in the chapter on "Overcoming Deception", Beth makes a list of lies we often believe when we are held in a stronghold. There are certainly more than we can list, but here are a few examples she cites:

  • I can never be victorious over this compulsion. I've had it too long.
  • I can't help the mess I'm in. I'm caught, and there's nothing I can do about it.
  • It may be an addiction (my word), but I really need it to get by.
  • I am absolutely worthless; nothing but a failure.
  • I'm in control here. This is not controlling me.
  • This isn't doing me any harm. I can handle it.
  • After all I've been through, I deserve this.
  • There is nothing wrong with this relationship. People just don't understand us.
  • God may work for some people, but he just doesn't work for me.
  • I'll just have to wait until heaven to get over this. Real victory is impossible here on earth.
  • God cannot possibly fill the void in my life; I need something more.
  • It's hopeless. I AM hopeless.

I'm sure each one of us can see ourselves in one of these lies. Sadly enough, I must admit I have probably believed the majority of them at one time or another.

For ten looonnng years of my life, I believed a monster. This monster sucked the life and energy out of me each waking moment of my life. This particular monster's more popular name is Anorexia & Bulimia. It ruled my belief system. Although I had accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour at seven years old, and had lived for the Lord at one time or another - when this deception took root in my heart, it took OVER my mind and eventually, my entire being.

I literally BELIEVED that the skinnier I could be, the more lovable and accepted I was. I BELIEVED that if I could rock a swimsuit without having a tummy bulge or love handles, my life would be great. However, if you have ever seen a skeleton in a's just not that hot. But that is just one example of how twisted my mind had become. I also BELIEVED that no matter how messy my life was, if I was thin, all was well. I also believed that if there was nothing else I could control, at least I could control my weight. Whew....HUGE lie....because the more "in control" of my weight I was, the more "out of control" my life became. This lying monster grew so out of the control that it landed me in treatment: not once or twice, but three times. Every time I got out of treatment, I was convinced that I was healed. Things would always be great for the first 1-2 weeks after my release. But one major thing was wrong. As surely as the day is long, I would slowly allow the Truth to be eclipsed by the Lies.

However, four years ago on December 27th, I entered treatment for the last time. The "trick" this time around was that I was so desperate, so absolutely helpless, that I cried out to God with all the breath that was in me. I knew that unless my mind was completely transformed, I would live the rest of my life in utter defeat. Although the "renewing of my mind" was by far not an easy thing, it led to victory. Faith works! It sounds so silly to say that, but when I got to the point in my life where I acknowledged my way was not the best way......He took me and changed me. Freed me from the pit of despair. Gave me hope. He is my only hope of glory.

I realize that not everyone has such a messed up mind; and not everyone goes to the extreme in everything they undertake (praise the Lord). But through my struggles, I have learned that everyone is susceptible to captivity. No one is immune to deception. does one go about "renewing their mind"? One thing that must be made's not a one time transplant. It's an active, continuous, regular practice of taking doses of the truth. One will never live a victorious life without the Word of God. How could you ever recognize the lies if you don't know the TRUTH? You simply cannot. And if we don't believe that; then I would dare to say that we are deceived. One excuse I hear so often (and have used myself) is that "I don't have time." Oh, but we do have time. We have time to spend in God's Word; we do have time to spend in prayer.....we have TIME for a relationship with God. The problem is that we don't TAKE the time. We choose to spend our time on what we believe is "worth it". Please hear me when I say, God is so worth it. God is so worth it.

Going back to the beginning of this post, John 8:31-32 says, "If you hold to my teaching, then you truly are my disciples. Then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free." If we are going to "hold to Jesus' teaching," don't we need to KNOW Jesus' teaching? Again....He is SO worth it. He will rock your world if you let Him.

The thankful recipient of His Grace,


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