Monday, September 21, 2009

The Dreams of a Mother

When Luke was little more than a heartbeat with skin, I signed up for a newsletter that sends me weekly updates on his progress.

Throughout my pregnancy, I read these with scrutiny, looking for every small bit of information on how he was growing within me. Now that he is quickly approaching 4 years old, I often find myself hitting delete before reading them. (Because really, I can see the kid now and I don’t need any child expert to tell me that at his age, his imagination is growing and he might be scared of monsters. Hello. Crawling in my bed at 3:00 am might be some indication of this.) But then again, I’m no expert.


I got this in my inbox this morning:

Hello, Amy!

Around this age, you'll start noticing that some kids are more naturally athletic than others. You might know a 3-year-old who can catch a football or kick a ball with precision while another may fumble around.


“Yes! Yes!” I proclaim as I picture Luke’s perfect spiral soar across the living room. That’s Luke!

Okay, the Dalke’s are die-hard OU Sooner fans….not to mention that Luke’s uncle Bill (Larry’s brother) played for OU on national championship teams in the late 70’s. We are also over-the-top competitive, and both of us are athletes. So naturally, this is what I read when I saw this email:

Hello Amy!

Your son, Luke, is far beyond his age in terms of natural athletic ability. We have scouted him as he plays catch with his father in your living room and front yard, and we can tell he has a college uniform in his future. Although he has not even hit the small tike football field yet, he is destined to throw that ball at Memorial Stadium.

Over the next few years, you should prepare to be that annoying mother who the camera pans to in the stadium during championship games. We expect that you have this covered already.

Feed him well, keep him in good training programs, and we’ll see you in the stands!

OU Recruiting

So maybe that is a daydream of mine. If my husband were to read this, he would totally be rolling his eyes. I’m just wondering, is this where the competitive stage mom is born? Yikes!

Dear Luke,

I love you, and I won’t love you any more or any less if you don a football uniform, carry a tennis racket, or a golf club. You can be on the math drill team for all I care.

I pray that my dreams for you would never surpass your own. Whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God……and if that involves me singing Boomer Sooner after you throw a touchdown pass…….that will just be the icing on the cake!!
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Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Sorry about that delete!

What a cute post Amy! Love this, "I pray that my dreams for you would never surpass your own. Whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God"... YES!! Who knows... maybe he will be a... (whispering)... Husker... we'd love to have him! ;) LOL

Did my email find you?

Jill said...

Hey Amy,
Great words!!! It is exciting to think of what lies ahead for our litte ones isn't it? I love your heart for your little man and I'm sure he does too!! My little Joy is a big basketball fan, so it excites me to dream dreams as well, but it's all about God's plan in the end.

If you know anyone who might possibly be interested in my book direct them to my blog I have a little give-away going on. And on Friday we have our first book signing - I'm thinking I like the writing part much more!!

Blessings, Jill

This is Joy, she wants to say "Hi. I have a big brother and a little sister, Peanut. And I'm helping mom get ready for our baby. I don't like waiting."

Anonymous said...

That is such an adorable post! I love reading those kind of things... especially since I'm not a mom yet! Your posts not only show me what it's like to be a mother, but they are examples of love that I can store in the back of my mind for the day I DO have kids.

Thanks for sharing, Amy!

~Alexis (@tobebeautiful)